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A brief introduction to tubular MOTOR
Aug 07, 2017

Tubular Motor is a high performance tubular motor, including the tubular casing and the drive assembly, the brake assembly and the Stroke control assembly supported in the tubular casing through the bearing seat, and the brake assembly comprises a right shaft fixing piece, a right shaft, a electromagnet right shaft fixing piece, electromagnetic iron, dougong rod braking mechanism; the right axle fixed part of the motor is fixed at the right end of the low-speed motor to support one end of the right axle; the electromagnet is mounted on the right axis and the electromagnet is fixed on the right axis of the electromagnet, The dougong rod braking mechanism is mounted on the right axle and is located in the cavity between the right shaft and the tubular casing, and the electromagnet drives the Dougong rod brake mechanism to brake. Tubular Motor also has the characteristics of small occupied area.

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