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AC Motor Speed Control
Dec 20, 2018
Rolling Door Opener Shutter Side Motor

AC motor frequency control:

The frequency converter is applied with frequency conversion technology and microelectronic technology to control the electric drive components of the AC motor by changing the frequency and amplitude of the working power of the motor.

AC motor speed converter features:

The low frequency torque output is 180%, and the low frequency operation characteristics are good;

The output frequency is up to 600Hz, which can control high speed motors;

Omni-directional detection and protection function (overvoltage, undervoltage, overload), instantaneous power failure and restart;

Protection functions such as acceleration, deceleration, and stall prevention during rotation;

Automatic identification of motor dynamic parameters to ensure system stability and accuracy;

Fast response when stopping at high speed;

Rich and flexible input and output interfaces and control methods are versatile.

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