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How to clean ac motor?
Dec 29, 2018
300 Kg Electric Rolling Door Motor

1. The AC motor should be kept clean at all times, and no debris is allowed to enter the inside of the AC motor; the air inlet and outlet should be kept clear.

2. Monitor the power supply voltage, frequency and load current of the AC motor with the meter. The power supply voltage and frequency must conform to the nameplate data of the AC motor. The load current of the AC motor must not exceed the specified value on the nameplate. Otherwise, the cause should be identified and measures should be taken.

3. Take necessary measures to detect the temperature rise of each part of the AC motor.

4. For the wound-wound rotor motor, always pay attention to the contact pressure, wear and spark between the brush and the collector ring. When the AC motor stops, the switch in the stator circuit should be disconnected, then the brush lift mechanism is pulled to the starting position, and the short circuit device is disconnected.

5. Regular maintenance after the operation of the AC motor, generally divided into minor repairs and overhauls. The minor repairs are general overhauls. The AC motor starting equipment and the whole are not disassembled. In the first quarter, the overhaul will remove all the components of the transmission and AC motors, and disassembled parts for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning, generally once a year.

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