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Industrial chain Shutter door motor type Difference
Aug 07, 2017

The roller shutter motor with chain is divided into ordinary industrial motor, fireproof Motor, AC/DC belt electric motor, three-phase electric motor, 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch tube shaft, can pull the motor guide-chain lifting shutter door when power outage

220v1000kg the following chain motor, directly plugged into the 220V power supply, according to the motor manual switch can operate normally, the motor has a plug controller jack, generally directly inserted on the remote can be used to open the door.

Three-phase electric roller shutter motor, more than 1000kg is 380V voltage, 1000kg below both 220V also have 380V voltage, 380V than the force of the 220V is relatively large, the motor has manual switch, you can also access the remote control.

Fire shutter door motor is 380V voltage (380V rolling shutter motor is not necessarily a fire-proof motor), must be connected with fire-proof electric control box, motor without manual switch or remote control, fire-proof electronic control box with 2 of fire-proof electric lock box shutter lift, fire-proof electric control box to connect with the fire

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